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2024-2025 Season

2022-2023 Team

2023-2024 Team

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Haw Creek is excited to offer a competitive VEX IQ robotics team for the 2024-2025 season. Students will be in small group teams where they will take on a leadership role in the following areas: builder, coder, and designer. Students will use the engineering process to create the best robot to complete the challenge. Over the course of the season students will make adjustments and must use both their problem solving skills and teamwork skills.

Team information

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General Information

Cost: $325

Meeting dates: Every Monday starting August TBD

Competitions will be held generally on Saturdays and usually from 8am-3pm. Students will be expected to provide their own transportation to and from the competitions. We hope each team will compete in at least 2 events. Events occur October-December. Students that qualify for state will continue practicing, State is usually held end of February or early March.



2022-2023 Season

Team 25552D Judges Award

Team 25552B State Qualifier

2023-2024 Season

Team 25552B Excellence Award

Team 25552A Judges Award (twice)

Team 25552A & 25552B State Qualifier

May Try-out information

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VEX IQ competition team is open to 4th and 5th graders. This is a semester long commitment. The team will meet August-December on Mondays.

*Extended season till March for State Qualifiers.

Parent expectations: Parents will be responsible for encouraging team work and collaboration. Students will be held to the VEX code of conduct both at practices and at competitions. Parents will need to provide transportation to and from competitions and there will be possible volunteer opportunities to assist at competitions.

Date: May 8th @2:30-3:45pm

pick up in back bus lanes or husky hangout

Try Out Cost: $10-this reserves your tryout spot. IF you make the team this is applied to your total cost.

Competitions are held October-December. Not all team members will go to every competition and you need a working robot to compete.

Goal: work as a team member to create a competitive robot and compete in at least 2 competitions.

Team Cost : $325 due by November 8, 2024


GEARS and MOre information

Gears are wheels with teeth around the edges used to transfer force from one position to another. This can be done with gears of the same size to transfer the same force or by using gears of varying sizes to create a speed or power advantage as the force is transferred.

A Mechanical Advantage is when you need less force to do the same amount of work because a simple machine (in this case: gears) is used to increase and change the direction of applied force. A Mechanical advantage can be adjusted to meet specific needs. When two gears of the same size are meshed together, it creates a 1-1 ratio transfer of power.


Torque is created when a smaller gear is driving a larger gear. It takes the smaller gear more rotations to turn the large gear one full rotation.


Speed is the distance an object moves over time and is a mechanical advantage that makes the output of the driven gear or machine faster. This advantage is created when a larger gear is driving a smaller gear.